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The high-performance MSA filters provide strong protection against a wide range of toxic gases and particles  in full accordance with the latest standards.
MSA’s PlexTec particle filter technology increases filtering surface for easier breathing.
Benefits for the user include: safe selection, no mix-ups, economical procurement, simpler stock keeping.
Available in gas filter classes 1 or 2, and particles classes 2 and 3, in single or multiple gas range
They are using the standard threaded connection EN148-1 and are compatible with all available facepieces equiped with the same thread.

The 92 and 93 series of MSA gas filters are in full compliance with the REACH regulation and do not include any toxic materials listed in the European Regulation.

Part Number

Length: 105.000 MM (4.134 IN)
Width: 110.000 MM (4.331 IN)
Height: 64.000 MM (2.520 IN)
Weight: 0.080 KG (0.176 LB)
Color: WHITE

Length: 106.000 MM (4.173 IN)
Width: 106.000 MM (4.173 IN)
Height: 90.000 MM (3.543 IN)
Weight: 0.350 KG (0.772 LB)

Length: 105.000 MM (4.134 IN)
Width: 107.000 MM (4.213 IN)
Height: 81.000 MM (3.189 IN)
Weight: 0.240 KG (0.529 LB)

Length: 128.000 MM (5.039 IN)
Width: 113.000 MM (4.449 IN)
Height: 88.000 MM (3.465 IN)
Weight: 0.470 KG (1.036 LB)

Length: 105.000 MM (4.134 IN)
Width: 107.000 MM (4.213 IN)
Height: 76.000 MM (2.992 IN)
Weight: 0.290 KG (0.639 LB)

Length: 114.000 MM (4.488 IN)
Width: 125.000 MM (4.921 IN)
Height: 93.000 MM (3.661 IN)
Weight: 0.400 KG (0.882 LB)
  • Reliable protection against gas, particles and vapor
  • PlexTech technology for reduced inhalation resistance and more relaxed breathing
  • Superior filter performance and service time
  • Robust metal housing for solid mechanical performance
  • Compact and lightweight with easy-to-cover opening
Markets: Construction, Fire Service, General Industry, Oil & Gas, Utilities
Applications: Search & Rescue, Welding

Approvals subject to change without notice and may differ based on configuration, part number and/or country.
Contact Customer Service or check approval label on product for specific approval information.