SMC 4501-XX Toxic Gas Detector

The SMC 4501-XX Detector monitors toxic gases such as Hydrogen Sulfide, Carbon Monoxide, Oxygen Deficiency, Chlorine Dioxide, and others. Utilizing 2-wire loop-powered technology, the 4501-XX requires less wiring, leading to better protection from wiring errors. The 4501-XX requires minimal maintenance with a 6-month calibration cycle and continuous self-diagnostics.

  • 2-wire Loop-Powered Technology - directly interfaces to common PLC and DCS systems
  • LCD Display - easily access gas status, calibration instructions, adjustment of ranges and outputs, and diagnostic information with a user-friendly operator interface
  • Non-intrusive Calibration - calibrate gas sensor without declassifying the area
  • 4-20 mA Output - interface effortlessly with common factory communication links and provide flexibility for the output
  • Application Adaptability - select various ranges and mount the detector in various orientations with a rotatable face plate
  • FM Approved 6-Month Calibration Interval - dramatically reduces maintenance for the user
  • Internal Continuous Self-Diagnostics - automatically indicate any fault or optics problems