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This innovative half-mask respirator features MSA's patent-pending, single-loop head harness and user-friendly design. Easy to don, doff, or drop down, it contains just three major components, making it extra easy to clean. The one-piece MultiFlex nose cup is made of soft, smooth, co-molded silcone and rigid plastic for a unique combination of durability and comfort.

Part Number

Length: 117.000 MM (4.606 IN)
Width: 123.000 MM (4.843 IN)
Height: 130.000 MM (5.118 IN)
Weight: 0.170 KG (0.375 LB)
Color: BLACK

Length: 188.000 MM (7.402 IN)
Width: 162.000 MM (6.378 IN)
Height: 99.000 MM (3.898 IN)
Weight: 0.180 KG (0.397 LB)
Color: BLACK
  • Safeguards against airborne contaminants
  • Patent-pending, single-loop harness for added flexibility
  • MultiFlex nose cup and four-point yoke for strong, comfortable protection
  • Exceptional durability and stability
  • Easy to don, doff and drop down
Markets: Utilities, Oil & Gas, Construction, General Industry
Applications: Welding

Approvals subject to change without notice and may differ based on configuration, part number and/or country.
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  • EN 140
  • AS/NZS 1716:2003
  • RU: GOST R 12.4.190-99
  • KZ: ST RK, GOST R 12.4.190-99
  • BY: STB GOST R 12.4.190-2006