Constant Flow Airline Respirator

This Type C, supplied-air respirator supplies a continuous flow of air to the face piece from an external source. The complete assembly is available with either an Ultravue® or Ultra Elite® full face piece, Comfo® half-mask face piece or Comfo welder's face piece, plus breathing tube, web support belt and air flow control valve. Use only in non-IDLH environments.

Part Number


  • Supplies long-duration respiratory protection
  • Ideal for a wide range of applications including welding, painting and hazardous materials
  • Maintains a slight positive pressure of air during both inhalation and exhalation to prevent contaminant seeping
  • For use only in non-IDLH environments
Markets: Contractor, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Industrial
Applications: Painting, Welding, Sanding & Grinding