Temporary Fall Protection Lifeline Systems

Horizon® Horizontal Lifeline

This complete above-beam cable horizontal lifeline system allows for a continuous tie off point along the line of travel. Below Beam Horizontal Lifelines kits come in 30 feet or 60 feet lifeline lengths. Each kit includes: Beam grips, End fittings, Shock absorber, Lifeline, Open wedge socket, Turnbuckle.
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MSA Rope Grabs

Rope vertical lifelines and rope grabs are used together as a system. Rope Grabs are designed as a means of fall arrest between a worker wearing a compatible full-body harness and a suitable fall arrest anchorage. Applications include roofing, ladder climbing, general construction and tower climbing.
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Stanchion Kits

MSA offers several Horizontal Lifeline Stanchion Kits to meet a variety of applications and provide fall protection for multiple workers.
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Sure-Rail™ Horizontal Lifeline

Customizable to your application, the Sure-Rail™ Horizontal Lifeline is typically used in areas with limited clearance below the working surface. This system consists of galvanized steel 1/2x2x10 rail sections, an aluminum rail trolley with stainless steel wheels, end stops, and various mounting hardware. This product provides ease of movement, little or no deflection in the rail limits fall distance and fall arrest forces on the body. The design of the Sure-Rail™ Horizontal Lifeline allows for even distribution of fall arrest forces to the structure, and its twin track configuration allows users to bypass each other without having to disconnect and reconnect.
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SureClimb® Vertical Lifeline Cable Systems

SureClimb® Vertical Lifeline Cable Systems and cable grabs are designed to provide ladder fall protection when climbing or descending ladders or vertical structures up to 300 feet in height. MSA SureClimb Fall Protection Systems are designed for temporary ladder climbing applications.
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