Face Protection

V-Gard® Accessory System Kits

V-Gard Accessory System Kits are designed to offer easy customer solutions for a variety of needs, all in one convenient box.  V-Gard Cap and Accessory System Kit contents: * White V-Gard Cap with ratchet suspension * V-Gard Frame for Slotted Caps * V-Gard PC Visor, clear  V-Gard Accessory System Kit contents: *  V-Gard Universal Frame for Caps *  V-Gard PC Visor, clear (NOTE: does not contain a MSA Safety Helmet)  V-Gard Accessory System Forestry Kit contents: * Hi-viz orange V-Gard Cap with ratchet suspension * V-Gard Frame for Slotted Caps with Debris Control * V-Gard Mesh Visor Nitrometer * V-Gard Retractable Chin Protector * Left/RIGHT, HIGH (NRR 28 db) Cap-Mounted Earmuffs   V-Gard Accessory System Arc Protection Kits * White V-Gard Cap with ratchet suspension (PN 475358). * V-Gard Frame for Slotted Caps, with debris control (PN 10115730). * V-Gard Arc Nitrometer with V-Gard Standard Chin Protector (PN 10118480); must be assembled by user and worn together to achieve calorie rating.  
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V-Gard® Arc Visors

These PC visors are engineered to help protect against impact and dangerous arc flash hazards. They are perfect for electrical workers and electricians working with high-voltage connections.  Note: V-Gard Arc Visors are intended to be used only with dielectric frames and helmets.
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Visor for Radiant Heat/Elevated Temperatures

These special visors are thick, molded and reflective coated to protect against damage from impact, radiation and heat. The reflective coating reflects at least >60% of InfraRed from the surface of the visor, away from the wearer. Ideal for hot working conditions, such as foundries, steel mills, and blast furnaces.
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V-Gard® Frames

The standard slotted frame works ideally with any MSA slotted  helmet. The universal frame featuring a heavy-duty, flat, rubber strap can be used with slotted and non-slotted MSA helmets.  With the unique sloped frame design material slides off the frame and out of site. The optional debris control creates a tight seal between helmet and frame. The elevated temperature versions withstand temps up to 350ºF (176ºC).
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V-Gard® Visors PC for General Purpose

MSA polycarbonate visors reliably protect against impact, chemical splash and UltraViolet radiation. They are the perfect solution for general and basic applications and can be worn with helmet-mounted ear muffs.
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V-Gard® Visors PC for Heavy Duty Purpose

MSA molded polycarbonate visors offer superior protection from flying debris, splash, UV radiation and molten metal. Being molded makes them optically correct, and helps ensure clear vision and reduced eye fatigue. The anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings increase comfort and improve wear.
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